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How we train your dog

Force Free & Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement training is using reinforcements your dog enjoys, this can be food, toys, games or pats. Anything that is reinforcing to your dog will make the wanted behaviour more likely to be repeated. Positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dogs behaviour.

Reward-based training is enjoyable for the dog and positively enhances the relationship between the dog and handler. Through this understanding, you will be able to build on your relationship with your dog and gain invaluable knowledge for how to change any future challenging behaviour. ​

The human animal bond is a powerful thing and it's vital that we all take the time to learn about why our pets behave as they do." ​

Creating a lifetime bond between you and your dog.

“Positive Reinforcement methods are recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association, Veterinary Behaviourists and the Animal Welfare League.”

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Sunshine Coast

Choose the training that is best for you

Puppy Training

Essential sessions
3month - 18month runs for 6 weeks with 4 maximum in a group and runs in Caloundra.

Adult dog Training

18month +
6 people maximum in group and runs in Caloundra.

Private Sessions

Great way to work with your dog in a quiet environment with a bit more distractions then the home environment.

Home Visits

Home based training commences in the home and focuses on your initial concerns.