Group Sessions



Private Meeting Sessions

Private meeting sessions are available either at the training grounds or at a park. Great way to work with your dog in a quiet  environment with a bit more distractions then the home environment. Getting him ready for group sessions.  

Your dog may be:

  • Reactivity to other people or dogs
  • Reaction to other people or dogs when on Lead
  • General training issues such as walking on lead, over excited and distracted.
  • Speed up you and your dog’s learning process before going into group sessions.
  • Work on anxiety related issues around other dogs or people.

Consultations are conducted between 9am-2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Limited weekend consultations available.

Home Visits

Home based training commences in the home and focuses on your initial concerns. These can be anything from toilet training to barking and Separation anxiety issues. Attention is individualised and learning optimised as we are working one on one with you and your dog.  You may have:

  • A busy lifestyle or wish to work one on one with a positive trainer
  • Your pet may not be suitable for classes
  • Your issues are home based
  • You wish to train at home then join group classes 
  • Consultations are conducted between
  • 9am-2pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday can be flexible.
  • Limited weekend consultations available.

We come to YOU !

During your consultation, we ask that family be present where possible as we like to have everyone involved so that the family unit is on the same page. We work with you to understand:

Please note that your consultation is based around the information you provide us with. At no time can we guarantee a quick fix. Your dog may require multiple sessions and or specific products to assist in the modification plan. 

Home training vs. group sessions