Pre-Agility Training Sunshine Coast

Pre-Agility Classes

Focus and Relationship building Classes Pre-Agility with  Essential Dog Training Sunshine Coast. Pre- Agility classes are run at Elimbah grounds for people that want to continue with SunCoast FunDogs  Agiltity club. 

After completing the course you can continue with Foundation classes. Make sure you book early as there is a waiting list. 

Cost: $150  Duration: 6 weeks Prerequisites: > 6 months old 


  • Manners, sit, drop, stand, stay and stop
  • Getting dogs used to a new environment of agility
  • Working through distractions
  • Getting attention and keeping attention
  • Fun games to create more focus and impulse control
  • Introduction to plank work, touches, shadow handling and crate games
  • Conditioning calm behavior around dogs and distractions


  • Dogs learning to focus and work with handler before introducing Agility
  • Handler and dogs will be more confident
  • Dogs more confident in the new environment
  • Relationship building between dog and handler
  • Helping dogs learn and succeed step by step
  • Understanding reward-based positive dog training

Tuesdays from 6:30pm-7:15pm Booking required please contact Maya for next available classes.